Edowaye EmpowerHer Period Pack


Introducing the 'EmpowerHer Period Pack', a thoughtfully curated Edowaye's solution designed to combat period poverty in Nigeria. For every Period Pack you purchase, a young girl receives three months of essential hygiene supplies, ensuring she can manage her menstrual cycle with dignity and comfort.

What’s Inside:
- Sanitary Pads: High-quality, absorbent pads to keep her comfortable and confident throughout her cycle.
- Deodorant: Gentle, long-lasting protection to help her feel fresh all day.
- Wipes: Soft, soothing wipes for on-the-go cleanliness and hygiene.

Why Choose EmpowerHer:
By choosing the EmpowerHer Period Pack, you’re not just buying hygiene products; you’re making a tangible difference in a young girl’s life. Period poverty is a significant issue, leading to missed school days and diminished self-esteem. Your purchase helps bridge this gap, providing the necessary supplies to help her stay in school and thrive.

Make a Difference:
With each EmpowerHer Period Pack, we’re not only caring for practical needs but also empowering a girl in Nigeria to pursue her dreams without the barrier of period poverty. Join us in this impactful mission and be a part of the change.

EmpowerHer Period Pack: Because every girl deserves the confidence to shine, every day of the month.

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